Upcycled bronze and copper hand formed into a necklace pendant. Its 2” long.

The winter beauty of Oregon forests.
By “SKYz the Lemet”

Comanly known as the Turky Tail, Trametes Versicolor grow from decaying hard woods.

Me and my pups out for an afternoon walk in the forest.

SKYz the Lemet turned 1 today!

(Source: assets)

SKYz the Lemet, new earrings I made. Abalone pendants on silver plated chain. Beautiful shells, light wait and wonderful energy. On my facebook page (Shona Yardley) or my etsy page ( SKYz the Lemet )

Stang and fantastic mush rooms! Very poisonous do not touch do not eat. Fall beauty at work

This is how I feel in the fall.
From my garden.

Cornelian agates with Hematite from silver plated chain.

A necklace that is a part of my Fall Sale!
Focalize jasper with specials of opal, Carnelian agates, Unukite

Copper plate pendant with Chaorite, Jade, and Pearl beads. I’m having a huge sale come and take a peak.